淨化社會 我們的堅持


十方來 十方去 共成十方事


緣結千里 需要我和你



每個人可依自己的心願選擇福田,每塊福田每日認養金五元。 每人可認養多塊福田,認養越多,功德越多,可為自己祈福, 也可為家人、朋友祈福。 請填妥『人間衛視之友入會申請表』,郵寄或傳真至本會辦妥入會手續之後,即可成為福田認養人。

Fo Guang Shan set up “Fo Guang Shan Dharma TV Foundation” (hereinafter “the Foundation”) in May, 1998. Its objective is to propagate the Buddha Dharma, raise the level of spiritual consciousness of the people, and purify society through the mass media. Hoping to produce educational, charitable, and purifying programs for society sake, it aspires to becoming a sustainable and philanthropic television station.

Purification of Society - Our Perseverance

Since the restrictions on the media were lifted in 1993, the media has exerted growing influence on society. In particular, the TV media has considerably shaped people’s lifestyle, value judgment, and moral values. In Taiwan’s society today, most of the TV media are commercial oriented, only a few devote to producing wholesome programs that are of benefit to society. Having realized the important role a civic-minded television station carries, the Foundation resolves on running Beautiful Life Television (BLTV) for public good, despite the fierce competition in such a trying time.

Wealth Constantly Re-circulated Back to Where It Comes From

BLTV has won the “Golden Bell Awards” for many years as well as Government Information Office’s “Quality Satellite Channel Prize” on several occasions in recognition of its arduous effort in producing a multitude of quality programs. Being a non-profit organization, BLTV struggles to stay afloat as it has neither commercial profits nor government’s subsidies to support its development. Its only source of fund is public donation from donors who subscribe liberally to the Foundation. As every dollar does not come easy, the Foundation is very circumspect in making the best use of the donation under the principle of “donation coming from the ten directions will be returned to the ten directions.” We exert ourselves to repay your gratitude of a drop of water with a gushing fountain.

Stronger Affinities Bring Us, Though Thousands of Miles Apart, Together

Under the aegis of the Foundation, BLTV, despite that it is still feeling the pinch, managed to get over all sorts of difficulties by making its programs, which are made in accordance with the BLTV’s mission statement: be youth-oriented, educational, international, and civic-minded, available by satellite in 26 countries overseas in December 2001. The delivery of these programs is like sowing wholesome seeds in people’s minds, so that blossoms of peacefulness and joy would fill society with warmth and harmony, and further benefit the later generation one day. Our charitable undertakings and future provision of programs do need your all-out support. Once you have become a supporting member of the Foundation, you will help us spread the seeds in the merit fields not only in Taiwan, but the world over. Hope you can join us in realizing the good cause of disseminating the Dharma bliss to all over the globe.